Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Day

I have had some free day issues this week and I wanted to get your input before I tally up my points this week.  I am not sure the best way to describe this, so I will tell you the situation:

All week, I had planned on having my free day on Thursday.  It was our anniversary and I did not want to worry about counting points or calories when we went out to dinner.  The day before, Wednesday, I got a migraine and did not exercise.  So what I am wondering is if we can switch up some of the categories on the free day.  What I ended up doing was working out on my free day and counting it as my Wednesday workout.  Is everyone ok with doing this when needed?  Is switching up some free day stuff when needed ok with the rules or is it too late in the game to make changes like this?  I hope this makes sense!


  1. I personally do not agree with this. It's a competition which means we can't change the rules to suit our own needs. We all need to be doing the same things. For instance, this week on Monday and Wednesday I was able to work out two times, but on Tuesday I couldn't fit a workout in bc of time committments to other things. I can't just count one of the workouts I did on Wednesday for that Tuesday because that's not fair to everyone else who did work out on Tuesday. Take the lost point and move on. It's not about perfection and things come up that don't allow for perfect days. I also know that there was a person who decided not to participate for the reason that she couldn't change rules to suit her so it doesn't seem fair that we change that now.

  2. That sounds agreeable to me. I am glad we are all playing the same game!