Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have a lame problem.  I have a hard time finding low calorie, low fat meals to cook for my family.  The problem is that I am the only one who is trying to lose weight.  My husband is constantly trying to gain weight (don't we hate him!) and my toddler desperately needs to gain weight (as said by my dr.) and is a picky eater.  I feel like I end up making 3 different meals every time I cook.  So my question is, what kind of healthy meals do you make for your famiy of diverse eaters that also allow you to follow your individual diet plan? 


  1. One of my favorites is Chicken cacciatore because it can be served over rice or pasta which adds to the calorie content for those who need it...it's really easy to make, too. Lemmie know if you want the recipe.

    ~ Shay

  2. Shay- you should post that recipe, it sounds good!
    Mandi- I have the same problem. Skinny kids and skinny husband. I usually just try to make meals where I can have more of the healthy and less of the unhealthy and they can do the vice versa. I like to make two veggies for dinner, like a salad and then some zucchini, and then I have mostly veggies and a little bit of whatever else we're having. Also, my hubby loves bread with his meals. I serve it, I just don't eat it, or if I do, I have a very small piece. Don't know if that helps.

  3. I've made spaghetti for my family and I ate it over spaghetti squash while they ate it over noodles.

  4. Mandi,
    I have the same problem, skinny hubby who needs A LOT more calories at dinner than me. Something I am trying is making up dinners where I know the calorie content, then making sure my portion stays in check. This way I can still make him his favorites, but I might have to have more salad and veggies that night and just a small portion of the main course. Plug your recipe into www.caloriecount.com. It will tell you how many calories (and other nutritional info too for those who need to figure out points) are in your dish per serving. This way you don't have to cook "diet food" for your family.

  5. Thanks for the tips everyone. I can see that the best thing to do is just to modify my meals for the skinny, and the not so skinny!