Monday, October 22, 2012


Quite a few of you have mentioned how hard it is to get your daily water in. What are some ideas that you have about getting your daily amount of water in?
For me, I just like to try to get through as much of it as early as possible. I try to have it more than half way gone by 10am.  Here is what Bob Harper (that trainer from The Biggest Loser) has to say about drinking your water...

Drink Water Before Every Meal

“Let me put this plainly: drinking water helps you lose weight,” Harper writes. Getting enough water improves digestion, helps you feel full, and can make your workouts more effective. Harper says that when his private fitness clients start making an effort to drink more water, they have less muscle fatigue, recover more quickly, and feel more active in the afternoon.

Kick off this habit by putting a full glass of water on your nightstand every night before bed, so you can sip it first thing the following morning.

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